“Further up and further in”

Jeg leser Gilbert Meilaenders bok Neither Beast nor God – The Dignity of the Human Person, hvilket for øvrig er skikkelig god, og festet med ved et par avsnitt som så godt illustrerer hvordan et liv som fra utsiden kan virke lite – for ikke å snakke om stillestående -, kan være alt annet:

“All genuine goods have a kind of open horizon; there never comes a point at which we cannot enter into them yet more deeply. C.S. Lewis captures this beautifully at the end of The Last Battle. When all the faithful Narnians and the children from our world are drawn into Aslan’s world, the refrain becomes: ‘further up and further in.’ It strikes them that Aslan’s world is much larger than it had seemed when they were still outside it, and Lucy puzzles over this with Tumnus the Faun.

‘I see,’ she said at last, thoughtfully. ‘I see now. This garden is like the stable. It is far bigger inside than it was outside.’
‘Of course, Daughter of Eve,’ said the Faun. ‘The further up and the further in you go, the bigger everything gets. The inside is larger than the outside.'” (s. 71-72)

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